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National CASA Podcast

May 24, 2012

After spending her childhood in an abusive home and several years in the foster care system, Stephanie Holt finds strength through her work as a CASA volunteer.  In this podcast hear Stephanie share her story as she offers hope to foster youth and provides insight for all CASA volunteers.    

May 12, 2011

This interview is a follow up to the podcast "Autism Spectrum Disorder." It is the story of a volunteer from Coweta CASA, Inc. in Newnan, GA, who advocated for a child diagnosed with autism. You will hear what resources she used and recommendations she made in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the child she...

Apr 12, 2011

In this podcast, foster care alumna Lauren Mueller describes how her relationship with her CASA volunteer advocate, Stephanie, changed the way she looked at herself and, ultimately, gave her the motivation and confidence to pursue her goals and dreams. This audio presentation is from the closing session of the 2011...

Jul 26, 2010

In this podcast, Suzanne Greenberg, president/CEO of CAN Council Saginaw County and member of the National CASA Board of Trustees, shares how her passion for the CASA mission inspires her efforts as a board member.

Jun 2, 2010

This podcast features National CASA Association Kappa Alpha Theta Program Director of the Year Melissa Protzek of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania.